Friday, September 4, 2009


Oh my phone has to enter the HOSPITAL..*heart breaking into small small pieces* how could this happen to's the second time of the year that my phone enters the HOSPITAL..they said..

''It's Friday today, and we won't send phones to the factory on weekends..i'll contact you when we send it to the factory..'' many days without music!!!!!!!!! is a beautiful Friday night..the round and bright moon..windy night..something that i like..=)'s a quiet night too..and sadly..i'm here without my phone..

Let's start with Tuesday..well..nothing much on Tuesday..
Same for ding dong moral teacher asked us to pass up our folios..i was like...what the heck??? I didn't forget about it..just that i didn't touch it yet..and she says she'll deduct marks if my class pass up next week..deduct deduct lah..she'll have to explain to the pengetua why we got so LOW marks..haha..
Thursday..nothing on..
Friday..the sad-dest day of the week..NO PHONE FOR NEXT could this happen to me..

That's just a short update lah..will update more on the other day..
Nightz people..

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