Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 3, 2014.

Well well well,
this blog DOES need some update every once in a while.

Just let me rant for a while.

And I know it's all safe to write here. Because :)

"I do not know if meeting you was a good or a bad thing.
Cause for everything that happens, there surely must be the pros and cons, eh?

I really don't know.
There's just something about....you.

That really caught my attention.

Your looks?
Your attitude?
Your behaviour?
Your smile?

...but even after so and many years, I never seem to understand some terms.

"Don't put so much attention on someone who won't put that much of attention into you."

I never learn from my mistakes.

Mistake --> Falls --> "Lesson learnt" --> Repeats mistake.

And the cycle goes on and on and on.

I'm dreaming, 
I'm hallucinating,
I'm ...hoping.

Too much.
Okay maybe a liiiiiiitle too much.

For what?
For the impossible?

Why care so much when the other party doesn't do so?

Why never learn from all these one sided experiences?


They never end...beautifully.

..nothing ever ends beautifully.

Always one party will end up ugly. 

I should really learn to control my mouth.
As if I don't.
Sometimes you just can't control - words just slip out.

And if some other party is quick enough to pick up - jeng jeng jenggggggggggg.
What ifs.
Dead meat. Or maybe not haha.

But I must really say,
What magic is this have you placed on me?
Or is it a curse?

Every second, every minute, every hour. 

Okay maybe not EVERY, but most of the time.

Every day.

Any moment I'm awake.

Or about to fall asleep.

What is this?




"Last seen's" - the most evil thing ever invented, hahaha.

....do you really not care?

..at all?

But I must say, 
Any small, small thing you have done that made me smile,

...I appreciate.
...I treasure.
...I..okay maybe not remember, but somehow ..
yeah I smiled :)

Hold on, not long more, 
Everything will come to an end.
We'll separate.
We'll split.
We won't see each other any more.

So is that good or bad?"