Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well kawan-kawan's Wednesday already..6 days without my precious phone..

Never mind about that..For today..i'm happy and angry at the same time..
Good News - I completed my Moral Folio...hahahahahaha..i'm feeling good about that =D
Bad News (it just goes that way..haha..) - 6 days without phone, Maple's gone =(, my PBSM uniform kena sambal (O-M-Gosh..but with the help of's gone =D), i got scratched by a dumb tree that looks like a cactus, except that it's much taller and harder..

Oh..and the Joanne Yeoh on my is seriously her =D..
What else to say..well,that's just a short update..more news coming up on the next update =D


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