Monday, September 21, 2009

It was just a dream...

Well, i had this weird, weird dream..let me tell you about this weird dream of mine..

''My family went on a looked like Rome..haha..but the place also seems like a know..dreams get seriously weird at times..then..there were these extremely big steps going down..then my whole family went down carefully as we didn't want to get hurt and stuff...and brother out of a sudden had an argue with my parents..normal lah tu..=S..then he started like..running down..and then he was a few steps ahead of my parents and I..and this is the bad part..

He lost control, as in slip and fell to his death..then i started crying lar..hurrying my parents, telling them what happened..they took their own sweet time,'s just another life gone..and then I tried running down too, hoping to help, or do something to save him..and out of nowhere some Indians approached me asking me for some coins..I tried running from them, they wanted to belasah me..someone stopped them and they all parents reply was just asking me to relax.....''

Then i woke up, crying...and then i realised that to appreciate things and people all around you..humans never appreciate something until it's gone.....

After that one Bible verse came up to me..I didn't really understand that verse.but tears kept rolling as I read it..

Sometimes, eventhough you dislike someone, they're still part of your life, no matter what..

Lesson learnt= APPRECIATE


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