Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kay Ell..!! (KL..=) )

Yeah people...i went to Kay Ell that day..and it was another freaky experience..

Well, I went with my mother and brother to Petaling Street..yay..haha..then we got kinda like hungry la..then we went for a brunch..hehehh..then I had chee cheong fun larr..haha..then those hawker stalls there rite..they sorta like have this territory kinda of thing..uncool..then I had curry of my favourite =)..then after all the food, another round of walking la..but right after we left the place, some guy went to my bowl of laksa and poured ALL the leftovers into his packet of rice..GREAT. That freaked me out. Luckily i wasn't looking..but my mother and my brother saw what happened..they just told me about that..OMG..I will never go to KL..for a year or so..I'm afraid if the guy will appear again..and when I finished my food lah, I wiped my mouth with a tissue, and luckily I didn't like..throw it into the gravy..

Then my brother you think the guy will still take the gravy if i threw the thing into the gravy..?? My mother said yes..and I said nothing..I'm freaked out..

Lesson learnt= Appreciate..again..finish up all the need to think of the Africans..think of KL..

Okay..that's for this post..more coming up on the next post!

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