Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hai rakan-rakan sekalian..

How are you people? Lolz..dumb's Sunday..and you know what..weekends seem to whizz by so freaking fast..My life is brilliant..haha..and now I'm kind alike doing an essay on ''Anabolic Steroids Should be banned From Sports''..OMG...what-in-the-world kind of a title is that.. :S .. It's an argumentative essay some more...*sigh..*..I dare not comment about my English teacher here..what if she suddenly sees this..I'll be dead meat..haha..

Well..i have no idea on what to tell you people..haha..Oh ya..i forgot to write that i posted on the 09-09-09..mwahahahaha..okay..I have a story to tell now..

There's this guy in school rite..i don't know why..everytime i see him..this feeling of hatred comes..for no reason..Cheng (my good friend =D) said it's because of that person's bad aura......I don't know..maybe it's true..xP..he annoys me A this comes to the point where it's hard to tell you in words..I don't know why he keeps on disturbing me..everytime I ask him..

''Why do you like to kacau me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much?''

and his reply is..

''Cause the others are not fun to kacau.......*super lame and annoying laugh* ''

?!!!?! That's not a really good answer..I cling onto him cause there's like..only 3 Chinese guys in my class (including me..)..and the other one..If I would to talk about him..there'll be another paragraph..haha..

ARRRGHHHHH!!!! Why why why why why why why why why WHY????? Why has God placed this guy in my life? That's why..give thanks in all circumstances..It'll be hard..but I have to..he's in my life for a reason..that's why we will never understand His will in our life..

''His ways are not my ways, His thoughts are not my thoughts'' ...

I do feel slightly better really works when you just say it all out, you'll feel much the whole world knows my teenie weenie itsy bitsy small problem..I guess this is not a really big thing compared to other people's problem out there in the world..

So..that's it lah for this week..more coming up on the next update!

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