Friday, September 18, 2009


It's Friday already people..and now it's time for me to update my blog =)..

Well..yeah..Friday. And yet it feels like Saturday..or even Sunday..=S..i hate this feeling..where weekdays feel like weekends...i feel confused..hehe..So much to say..and yet..i TOTALLY FORGOT what i wanted to say..=P haha.. and you know what..

I GOT MY PHONE BACK!!! YAYEE~ i'm gonna talk more on that classmate of mine with the bad aura..well, i didn't really talk to him this week..and I've been cold towards him..he asks me one question, I'll give him the direct answer..(you get what I'm saying..? As in..
Q: Hey, what's 1 + 1 ..?
A: 2.
Do you get me now..? Yea..I hope you do..=) )
I won't mention names here la..I hate it when these kind of things happen to me..where I seriously forget what I wanna say..urghh..makes me mad and my mood will go down..

Oh well..holidays are here..there are good and bad about holidays for me..
1. No school..=)
2. More time to sleep..
3. Do whatever I want to =)

1. No friends to talk to
2. Makes me miss school..
3. More housework to do..
4. More scolding and nag-ings to face =S
5. No freedom

You see..? That's why sometimes i tell my schoolmates..I prefer being in school than in my house..'cause i feel better with my friends and I am able to go crazy with them..Even though friends can annoy, back-stab, sadden or anything else that you can think of..I still find my friends important to me..

Oh my goodness..peperiksaan akhir tahun is just around the corner..I'm scared..'cause I'm not that genius in my studies..I think I'm above average..haha..

Life has it's ups and downs..and sometimes, going through life..It just gets harder and harder...

Well, that's about it lah for this update..more coming up on the next post..


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