Friday, October 2, 2009

All things must come to an end..

Yea people..hey =D..

It's a Fly-day night..and today's not a very windy or bright night..just another night, without the moon..

So..exam's coming up..OH NO..I hate Form's a whole new world..and much more difficult compared to Form 3.. >< ..

So..about my title today..yeah..Experiencing God (the course i'm currently taking in church) is coming to an end..It's fun cause I get to be with most of my ''geng''..Denise, Zhi-Wei, Joel and I..and class is always noisy when there's Zhi-Wei and Denise..haha..
Tomorrow will be like the ''Graduation Day'' for us.. :p ..and some of us are picked to share somethng from the course..and I'm one of them.. ( yay? ) Haha..

Nothing creepy this week..just another week if school..learned something more.. >< ..and now I officially state here that..


I don't think many would like this subject in school..what to's part of the pure science package..haha..

So..that's a short update on what happening =)..more coming up on the next update =)


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