Friday, October 9, 2009

Two Is Better Than One's not really about the song I have over there..haha..

It about lizards in my house..=P..

Well, the story goes like this..
It was a Tuesdat morning, and I wasn't in school because of PMR..ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yeaaa..haha..but mother made me clean the house with as I was cleaning, I had to bring out a box of books under the chair to the corridor..

As I put it down....
One lizard ran out as fast as it could..
But then my mother saw it, grabbed a broom and started chasing it..haha..
Without wasting time, I grabbed another broom and started chasing too..
And we successfully ''eliminated'' the lizard..*ding for mammals..haha..*

Back to cleaning the house..then my mother and I had to move a small shelf, to enable the cleaning to be more efficient (=p)..


Two lizards ran out..again..haha..and I suspect that they're male and female..
And we succeded in eliminating one..but not the other..
Never mind..

That's why two is better than one..haha..

Then..something flashed through my mind..

''Thou shall not kill'' ...

But I'm not killing humans..I'm doing so for everyone's benefit....

So..that's it for now..
More coming up on the next update!

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