Friday, October 30, 2009

7th Day Of Exam

Hey people!!!

*It has nothing to do with you ya offence :P*
It is indeed the seveth day of my exam, 30-10-2009..
7 days gone, 7 days left..haha..what a coincidence :p
And you know what's the best part..? The first 7 days are all the writing papers (paper 2 and 3)..
For the 7 days left..*mwahahahahaha* I can now use my favourite M16 and simply shoot..? =D haha..

So much to say, and everytime I'm about to post it..

My mind is blank..hate it when it happens..:S
I have found out something new about myself..
I LOVE FRIDAYS..:) (or also known as Fly-day)
Who knows why..? Maybe because it's the last day of the the weekday..? And weekend is here..? Maybe..:S
Now I'm addicted to a new show..

''The Little Nyonya'''s seriously very addictive..every episode is very addictive, interesting..words can't describe how good is the show..haha :P
It's about a Nyonya girl, once able to speak and hear. Then when her grandmother passed away, she fell sick and from that moment was mute and deaf. It's also something like Cinderella, where she's mistreated by her step-mother and her 3 sisters, and her mother is the gundik (i forgot the word in English..:p)

It's 31-10-2009 tomorrow! Happy Halloween =D..They say that Halloween's the time where spirits come out and do evil stuff..who cares..I have Jesus as my protector and nothing can harm me! Agree? :D

Well, just a short update after sooooooooo many days of being unable to blog..the next time I blog, I'm sure I'll remember what I wanted to say earlier..haha :p


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