Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shark's Fin Soup's time when you start thinking if other creatures..

Let me put it in this way..
''Humans are hunted for their legs for they are one of the delicacies to there creatures..therefore these creatures go hunting people, slicing off their legs and leave them to die and rot there..''

That's a human version..
At least we humans know what to do next..shout for help, get treatment, bla bla bla..
But think of the sea creatures, the SHARK.
As far as I know, they come and munch on people..with millions of teeth sinking into your flesh..
But think..
They can't speak.
Ask for help.
Get medication.
And we..HUMANS slice off their fins, cause they're delicious.
INSANE. That's the word.

I think I've made a promise to myself when I joined secondary school:

''Not to eat Shark's Fin Soup ANYMORE''
If we don't disturb them, they won't disturb us too. That's what most animals do. You know what? The change starts from me. For sure I'll teach the next generation to not to eat shark's fin soup.
It's evil to eat them..

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