Saturday, November 28, 2009

Form 4 Outing 2009 (Part 1)

Christmas is indeed around the corner..
Malaysia will never snow..(if it does, that means good bye lah people :p) Sunday school classmates organized an outing (started this thing last year 2008)..
Denise, Christina, Jacq, Zhi-Wei, Joel and I..:D
and guests..Kok Meng and absent were Angel and Ian..:(

So, this post is part one because we will go out once more on the 22nd of Dec 2009..(yay? :S)
After the second outing, all of us will go straight to church for caroling..(YAY..! :D )

Now I know that Denise will surely scold us if we bought something using PLASTIC BAGS..she insists that we take our own shopping kind of her to think of MOTHER NATURE..:)

So..not so much of shopping we did during this outing..we watched a movie (A Christmas Carol)
..not some Bella-and-Edward-show-called-New-Moon.. :P

We had lunch at the food court..Jap style..O.o..except called on diet..haha :p..and he didn't had lunch at the end of the day..poor guy..:S

Funniest thing happened in the hall (the hall that we use to watch a movie..I forgot the name of it :P )
Someone smuggled in cotton candy..before the show started, they finished the whole thing already.. (=.='')
Zhi-Wei tried opening one pack of the candy..and guess what..

He didn't untie the rubber band..
He accidentally exploded the whole pack of thing..


If only you have seen how he did it..and we laughed till the movie started..XD..
And we went out of the hall, freezing..the hall was super cold..O.o..

It was time to go home..
So we took the KTM to KL Sentral
And Joel took another way back to PJ
I followed the gang to Subang ( Cause myy father works there, so might as well ask my dad to fetch me home :D )
And then the gang went home..

After that, I was walking around in Subang Parade..nothing much there..went around and around and around..

And finally, my dad called, asking me to walk to his office..
It was just beside Subang Parade..
Walked there..
And then I went HOME SWEET HOME..

PS: This is just part wait for part 2..:)

Ciaozz..! :)

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