Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fun, Fun and Not-So-Fun..

Fun Factor Number 1.
Yesterday (25-11-2009) we (Denise, Christina, Jacqueline, Zhi-Wei, Joel, Kok Meng and I :) ) went shopping....:)
One funny thing that happened was when we were about to watch the movie ''A Christmas Carol'' .. The girls smuggled in cotton candy..and Zhi-Wei exploded one packet of it..luckily the hall was not that full by then..:D
But then..2 were absent..Angel and Ian..didn't know why Angel didn't come but Ian got sick..Get well soon..! :)
Eventhough Denise was sick, she replied, ''Nothing can stop me from shopping..!''
Such a shopaholic offence Denise ;)
In the KTM, while on the way back to Subang..where it's packed like a can of sardines..can you imagine when someone with body odour problem is beside you? No patient for the LORD is patient with you..hmmm

Fun Factor Number 2.
Will be doing lotsa cooking during the far I made home cooked sambal, slightly too sweeeeeeeet spaghetti sauce, and a few home cooked prob lah..:p

Not-So-Fun Factor.
-Will not be see-ing classmates for (err...) 5 weeks..
-No income
-Not so much freedom
-No one to talk to
-More and more boredom to come
-More stoning
-SPM next year!! :S

That's a short update..

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