Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey kawan-kawan sekalian =)
Today is 31-8-2009! Happy Merdeka..mwahahahahahahahaha..Our beloved country is 52 years old old..xD..Well, stuff that I like about Malaysia..
1. FOOD!!! Yum yum..=)
2. Friends..multi racial..
3. Cool places..
4. I know there's more than tht..just that i can't think of it right now..hehe.. i went to FRIM (Forest Research Institution Malaysia)..Full of trees..was so different from what i imagined..haha..there was this arapaima..i think that's the way to spell it..hehe..a super large fish..We have to clap hands to call that fish up..haha..funny way of calling..then we went into the forest..there was this tree that caught my attention..the ''Bubblegum'' Tree..the white-ish liquid produced by that tree is made into chewing gum/bubble rite..haha..who knows that's the origins of these gums..x)..Well at least i know now..haha..

I still have another dumb essay to write..*sigh*..have to go to school tomorrow..*ROCF* (i made that myself..that stands for rolling on floor crying..haha..maybe it does really exists..have to wake up early in the morning..

Well, just a short update for today..=)..will see you all next time..

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