Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hmm..another beautiful Sunday morning just passed..

You know what people..yesterday was TMCPJ' 50th anniverssary..haha..and a grand dinner was held at Extra Super of the restaurant sounds food was okay..not bad..and i saw something weird over's a geoduck..pronounced as a ''gooey duck''...and it's DISGUSTING i'm telling ya..

During dinner time..there was the handbells..[great job guys =) ]..and the stringed family? Violin and stuff la..haha..then there was JOANNE YEOH..oh my..i'm telling you all..she is FANTASTIC..haha..and i LOVED the way she played her instrument..mwahahahahaha..

And now..other stuff..
i wasa seriously a beautiful morning..the sun as shining brightly..there was gentle breeze..and it was a quiet wonderful life is sometimes..=)

hey..can anyone teach me something..? How to link people? What's that....??????????????? Haha..i'm new here and still kinda...noob? hehe..

Well, that's all for now..more updates..coming soon..(even i don't know when? haha)

~ciaoz people..sweet dreams..^^~

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