Friday, August 21, 2009

Well well well..


Hey's a rainy friday night..and i have LOTS to say..haha..

First of all..for today la..
i was supposed to to for my add math it was almost got ready, and i walked all the way to the tuition centre..and you know what..

They said ''Eh,today no class didn't come for tuition for two i assumed that you stopped class lar..''

What the heck..? I walked there all the way, all sweaty and with high hopes..and that lady just said those words..super pissed off man..then i went swimming..haha..and now i smell like chlorine..urrrgh..

Oh yeah.and in school today..we had this latihan kawad kebakaran..for the second time of this year..and my class managed to skip one of the most boring class of the day which is EST (English for Science and Technology)..bwahahahahahaha..

Oh and FINALLY..i'm not sick anymore!!! food i come..! =) Suffered diarrhoea or almost a week..and had porridge and mee hoon for most of the days (O-M-Gosh? ) haha..

Oh me advertise my blog too ya..hehehe..=)

Well, that's all for today's rainy Friday night..maybe i'll post again during the HOLIDAYS (yabedabedoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha) or this weekend..

So long mateyz! ciaoz~

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