Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hey people..ahh..sooooooo much to say..and yet..these words are not coming out..=X..

First of all, about the weather..yeah..i HATE weather nowadays..since has been so bright nice weather..i just seem to miss the sun..haha..then, it's about Maple again..haha..she's going soon..on the 8th of sept 2009..We, your Malaysian friends are gonna miss you so much..i have never thought that these things would happen..and yeah..about homework..i kinda completed my bio homework..(except the subjective part xD)..and some of the objective ones..and one more essay to go.."Describe on your holiday"..i think it sounds something like that..hehe..and it seems like everyone's excited about Christmas..=D..

Oh i'm playing Mafia Wars on Facebook (yay?)..that game is OKAY la..hate it when i need money to buy something..xP..

Holidays were terrible for me..i just hate holidays..i sit at nothing except HOUSEWORK!!!! Can you imagine that? [oh ya i was lazy to do my homework la =)] I feel so restless at home..and i have no one to talk to at bro stays at his hostel..and i feel sooo lonely sometimes..(eventhough sometimes i like it when he's not around..haha..that's why i tell my classmates sometimes..i prefer staying at school then ponteng-ing least there are friends at school whom i can disturb, annoy and talk to...rite? haha..

Oh and yea..MERDEKA's tomorrow..haha..HAPPY MERDEKA people..=)..we're finally free from colonization for 52 years..haha..have you guys realized that all our PM's names are according to our first PM's name?
R- Rahman Al-Haj
A-Abdul Razak
H-Hussein Onn
M-Mahathir Mohamad
A-Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
N-Najib Razak

You do the checking yourself..i lazy to type..hahaha..sorry lah if any of the PM's read this..they'l think that i do not respect them..i DO respect them.this is just to show that their names rhyme with our first Prime Minister's name..haha..

On the 24-25 of August 2009..TMCPJ had this thing called No was crazy man
i tell you..everyone that went had so much fun..with the Milo..Rexgrips..Sony Ericsson..and friends..i did got to know some people better over there..

"Abstinence. It works all the time"..that's the main point of this course..we learned more about STD's..(sexually transmitted diseases..) AIDS/HIV..all those stuff you can think of lah..haha..diarrhoea..fever..HPV..It was fun and informative..that's a kesimpulan of the course..haha

Well, that's for now..will keep you guys updated soon..=)


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