Friday, August 14, 2009

HEY world..

Hey people..haha..well, my friends have always asked me to start one..and it is..mwahahahahahaha..

the title sounds kinda selfish..but that's what popped into my mind..hehehh..

Well, i won't update frequently cause i am not online all the time..maybe mostly on weekends..*whee~* but..yeah..

i'm new to this blogging stuff and..well..forgive me if you see any typo's..=)

well..let me tell you something about today..


9 days after my birthday..hehe..'m finally sixteen..haha..before it was August..i wished that it was August..and now that it's here..i wish it wasn't so fast..*heavy sigh..*

Had canteen day today..and it sucked or me cause i had to leave early..i'm takng this course called Experiencing God..i didn't even get a chance to play ANY of the games..:'('ll understand wat that means if you use a phone that shows the emoticon..haha..

That canteen day started at 9.30..and i left at 11..cause the course starts at 12-2..well..what has happened, has happened..(is it even correct? haha..)

I didn't accomplish anything during the canteen day ( or known as Hari Keusahawanan..)..didn't tak pics with my friends..didn't play any games..didn't send the song to my friend..(he asked me to download the song since las month..hehehh)..sigh..i wish i can be at two places at the same time..lawls..

And today..i'm going to a farewell dinner...some sorta Home Fellowship thingy..hehe..and this good friend of mine..her name's Maple..i heard that she's migrating with her family to Canada..(if i'm not mistaken.hehe..) ..

On the 24th and 25th, i'll be going to a camp called 'The Truth About Love, Life and Sex'..haha..i think it'll be fun..

Well friends..this is my very very first post..about me, myself and I..hope to update you guys soon!


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