Saturday, April 3, 2010

Youth Camp 2010!!

Peace In,
Peace Out.
(Couldn't use yellow coz it's too bright :S)

MYF camp's theme for this year..

Hebrews 12:14
Make every effort to live in peace with all men. Without holiness no one will see the LORD.

Memorized it already after repeating the verse at every station during the Amazing Race! :D

Youth Camp this year has been an amazing one..! All these 5 years, this has to be really the best one.
Who knows why? And yet they said that it was a little last minute.
But hey, it's all in GOD's planning. Be it if it took a year or a month, if it's GOD's planning, it'll be good. =)

I think this camp MIGHT be the last one for me..unless if I'm not occupied by anything lar next year during the camp season..hehe =)

This year's camp, for the very first time,
Holy Spirit really touched my heart during the first session by Pastor Andrew..

''Holy spirit rain down, 
  Rain down, 
  Our comforter and friend, 
  How we need your touch again''

After downloading and listening to that song over and over again, I find that song really comforting..
Gives me a feeling that the Holy spirit is indeed our friend and comforter at all times.

Had the same Amazing Race again..
It's just that I played that games when I was in Form 1 and  now during Form 5..oh how fast indeed time flies!

Pictures are all on need to upload here :P
Did you realize..? (or maybe it's just me that's slow..hehe)

2006 - Malacca
2007 - MBS Kuang
2008 - Peace Haven
2009 - MBS Kuang
2010 - Malacca

It's like..
A cycle after these years of attending MYF camp..haha =D
Worship was indeed the best way for me to connect with God..
It's like..
Having your connection dialed and stable during worship..
And the image of God like a brother hugging me and keeping me safe from all the whatsoever..
Oh just how comforting.. X)..

What else to write..?
Oh..I made new friends too during camp..har har har X)

Hmmm...and I thought I had a lot to write..
Guess I was wrong..haha :P
Haha kay lar then.. ;)

Till the next time I update..
Ciao!! =)

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