Friday, April 23, 2010



It was from my Add Math tuition teacher, Mr. Khiru =)

Joke of the day:

''There's a girl, 23 years old who lives with her grandmother. She works as a call girl (in other words, prostitute.) . She dared not tell her grandma of her job, so she said she works as a waitress. One day, as she was attending to a customer, the police came and raided that place. As we all know, the police will ask all the call girls to line up in a looooooong queue. Her grandmother saw her on TV, then immediately went there to look for her grand-daughter. Upon arrival, granny asked her,

Granny :  What's going on?

 Embarrassed to tell her the truth, she told her granny,

Girl : We're lining up for oranges.

Excited, the granny ran and lined up as well. (Hahax) When the police went to the granny to question her, they were shocked to see her there. Suprised, They asked her,

Police : Whoa granny! At this age you can still do all of these stuff?

Suprised, granny replied,

Granny : Of course. It's simple. I just have to take my fake teeth out, and suck it dry!''.

Get it?
Go and think a while if you don't. Hahahahaha :P

Just another random update X)

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