Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey people! :D
First of all, thanks for visiting! :D
It's been a while since I update this blog of mine..
And for this post..
I'm gonna talk about 3 dreams...
3 VERY weird dreams..
Think that these 3 dreams are related..

Dream 1.
One of my school teacher threw a bible into the water (seems like a river..). Then I told my friend,
''Hey, we can still save it now if we jump into the water!''
Then I woke up.

Dream 2.
My family and I went for a holiday somewhere near Genting if I'm not mistaken..
Then we wanted to board a bus to somewhere, but then the guy (the guy that jaga the bus) said that the bus has just left..
Disappointed, we left that place and then I suddenly woke up in another room. *Still sleeping*
The radio was on full blast, and it was late at night already.
So I walked out of the room, told my neighbours that it was not me.
My neighbour, an old lady, sarcastically pat my back, saying ''I trust you.'' -,-
In front of the room was a lit candle. Room was bright.
Then my brother came to me and asked,
 ''Why did you help them to deliver the stuff..?''
Puzzled, I replied ''Deliver what? I woke up in the room with the radio on full blast..''
Then he showed me a recording from his calculator..-,-
I was talking with them, dancing? Kesimpulannya it seems like I am aware if what I'm doing..

Dream 3.
Okay. This is the climax or the worst nightmare ever.
I was walking in an artificial Rumah Hantu..
Then the track seemed somehow wrong..
It went on and on and on..and suddenly I was on a cart..
The cart went uphill, and then there was NO TRACK!
It flew off the track and landed on another track after the jump (just like the game 3D Rollercoaster) -,-
Then all around me were coloured and orange coloured hands..
Blue coloured hands are human hands..
Orange coloured ones are evil spirit's hands..
A voice told me,
''Try not to be caught by the orange coloured ones..''
And right after that, seems like almost all the blue hands disappeared, and they became ORANGE HANDS!
Freaked out, SUDDENLY one gigantic orange hand came from no-where to the middle of the tunnel, saying:
''I knew I'll catch you...!''

Sweating, I woke up. I tried calling my mother but the voice that came out was the voice that said those words..
And the first thought that flashed across my mind was, ''That was from the evil one.''
I couldn't sleep after that, it was 1 A.M.
Went to the balcony, prayed a short prayer, put on my cross and held on to a stone which had a drawing of a cross on it.

Continued sleeping....

That was a freaky experience for me..
Was that really from the evil one?
I'm scared..
Need you guys' prayer..
HELP!! :'(

Ciaoo.. :(

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