Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I give up trying to upload those *dumb* 3 photos...!!
I'll just type it! HAPPY NOW?!

Picture 1 - A look of my kampung house. This house is much much more spacious than my KL house, and is also much much hotter and dustier..haha :P

Picture 2 - A picture of a male and a female chicken eating. Yea, they're in a coop..and I fed them with kangkung, leaves, those yellow stuff that chickens eat and ice-cream cone. Those chickens will fight for the cone..haha :P..seems like they love ice-cream cone..haha..after feeding them for 2 days, my father told me that for 2 more days, your aunty will come and slaughter them. OK. TIME OUT. NO MORE TOPICS ON CHICKENS.

Picture 3 - A picture of an egg with blood. Yes!! THE CHICKEN LAID AN EGG!! Not thanks to me though..I just fed them for 2 days.. >< ..Must thanks GOD for the wonderful give of life..But then there's no mother hen to turn the egg into a chicklet..? (I can't remember what they're called..hahahahaha :P ) and you know why..><

Ya..that's it..there are a few mre pictures that says a lot of words but then some *not-so-smart* person from my house didn't allow me to post them on MY blog..*thank you*!

Mosquito infested kampung..
A rotting house by the side of it thanks to termites..><
Haha..and hot temperatures that'll make you scream for help..
Yea..that's my kampung :P
Haha..that's it for now..
More coming up on the next post..!
Ciao..! ;)

*Oh btw, for those *....* parts, try thinking of much, much,much stronger words that you'll say when you're pissed off or feeling very sarcastic..heee ;)

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