Saturday, February 20, 2010


Couldn't think of a proper title..this'll make it..haha :P's Saturday already..
School's starting on Monday.. *heavy sighh..*
But hey, I've got a week rest already..
Should be thankful for what I got.. =)

Went house visiting that day..
Pauline's house..
June Yuen's house..
Fong Nian's house..
My house =D..
Piyan's house..
Then to Giant for a movie..
Was slightly boring at the beginning..
Then a LOT of blood was involved..haha
But was touching at the end and the show surely made Chinese feel proud of who we are ;)

Was watching American Idol yesterday night.. (19-2-2010)
Was pretty funny cause we all know who the champion is..
KRIS ALLEN.. *screams..? lol *
Watching the top 4 contestants..hahahaha :D

Hmm..just another short update ;)

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