Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sentimental crap.

Saturday, 25th May 2013. Hot day.

The first thought as I saw my diary.

Okay maybe that wasn't a diary, cause I wrote one page and abandoned it till I found it earlier.

It says,
"30th May 2011, First day of Uni."

I went blank.

That was what I wrote 2 years ago.

And look where I am at today.

I'm in a different college, halfway through my diploma.



So much happened in these 2 years.

I couldn't help but to stop packing, and sat down and started thinking.

Of all the people that I've met in these 2 years.
New friends from uni and college.
Making the effort to keep in touch with high school friends.
Primary school friends? Urm.

Wow, just WOW.

Pretty random update.
Can't think much.
Too sentimental.
Too much happened.

"People come, people go. Important ones will make an effort to stay."

LOL what.
Ok bai, till the next update.

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