Saturday, June 15, 2013

Randomness number 88.

Woot woot.

's been a while since an update. Oh well, nobody reads any ways.

My place to rant everything. Haha.

Been away from KL for 2 weeks - internship at RSK Ulu Kinta, Perak.

Oh just to make things clear, many people think of Tanjung Rambutan as a place for cuckoo people. Well, let's get facts straight.
1. Tanjung Rambutan is the name of an AREA, not the name of the mental hospital.
2. The name of the mental hospital is HBUK (Hospital Besar Ulu Kinta, Tanjung Rambutan).

Well, this place is pretty spacious heh. There are staff living in the area.
I don't know how many hectares of land is the hospital, but heck yeah there are lots of space for you to run and feel the wind.

The nursing home (RSK UK) - there's a very peaceful ambience over there. Prolly cause it's near the mountains.

It's quite windy over there at night, and cool night breeze - something you'll never be able to get if you live in this concrete jungle Kuala Lumpur.

The air there is seriously different - you can breath in fresh, cool air in the morning, with visible drops of morning dew on the grass. Precious.

Being there for 2 weeks, I've got to know some tenants there.

As a reflective diary, I really thank God that my parents are still in the pink of health.

One thing, if one ever work in nursing homes, one must have a slightly hardened heart.

Going for carolling really has trained my heart to be a bit tougher - I tried not to be too attached with the tenants there so that when I leave, I don't go with a heavy heart. And when you talk with them, they might have to tendency to start tearing up.

One uncle who was just admitted cried when we interviewed him. I still remember what he said in Chinese.
Translation: "Why am I so useless. I'd rather die than live. Please let me die"
This uncle had a VERY mild stroke, and his strength of his R UL and LL is mostly 3 or 4.

Oh, let me explain.
0 - no movement at all.
1- slight twitch of muscle.
2 - can move in gravity eliminated position.
3 - can move against gravity.
4 - can move against minimal resistance.
5 - can move against maximum resistance.
MMT. lol.

He...was very sad and thus the tears. My prayer goes to you uncle. But heck yeah he has a very strong spirit - wants to get well. He shows very good effort in trying to get well when doing exercises. He really wish that he could stand again.

HAHAHA okay I think this is too much. Very long post. Very very much more to talk, but even I don't know what I am writing.

Hahaha okay then, till the next update!

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