Friday, August 17, 2012

Chapter 5: Nervous much?

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It was the month of fasting.

Teacher: All Muslim students are required to gather at the big hall at 11 o'clock. No excuses.

*R i ~ i n g
Rang the school bell.
The clock strikes eleven.
Muslim students proceeded to the big hall.

.....what about the non-Muslim students?

They were left unattended.
They were restless.

Slowly a small group of them moved to the canteen.

To hang out with different classes of students.


He was bored in his class.
He then proceeded to the canteen with his gang.

There she stood.
With her friends.

His friends wasted no time in joining them.

He followed behind.

And there they were, playing batu seremban (also known as five-stone game).
She asked him to play along.
He nodded.

-Play play play-

It was his turn.
He grabbed the stones.
About to move his hand.

She rested her hands on his.

He looked at her.
She looked at him.

She pulled back her hand.
She thought it was her move.
She blushed.

He smiled.

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