Sunday, December 25, 2011

His birthday that changed the WORLD.

''We are the reason that He gave His life,
  We are the reason that He suffered and died.
  To a world that was lost, He gave all He could give,
  To show us the reason to live.''

Probably one of the best Christmas carols sung out there. Really, what is the true meaning of Christmas?
It's not about Santa Claus
Not about the mistletoe or the snow, 
Neither are the reindeer and all the decorations.

Christmas has been commercialized. 
Where's the true meaning of Christmas? Or even so, Santa Claus?
It all began with St Nicholas. That man, that gave a whole new meaning to Christmas. Well no I'm not trying to say that he has done a bad thing, but true also that Christmas is also a time for the family to gather and celebrate.

''Celebrate what He,Christ Jesus has done for us.''

Who are we, that God the Father would send His ONE AND ONLY SON for us, to DIE on the cross? Which parent would send their own flesh and bone to death?
God did.
How much more could He love us?
He even remembers our names, EACH and EVERYONE of us.
...and we can't even remember all of our classmates' name.

We should be really thankful for who we are. Nope, no one is perfect.
This year's caroling session was truly meaningful. More time spent at old folks' homes, homes for the handicapped, orphanages. 
It is heartbreaking, to see these kids or elderly ones, with parents or their own children to abandon them at these homes. 
It's not like they want to be a burden to the family.
They did not wished to be mentally retarded.
They did not wished to lose their memories.
They did not wished to lose their sight,hearing,mobility.

Without His love, we wouldn't be here, or what we are today.
So, Happy Birthday to our saviour Jesus Christ,
Merry Christmas and a blessed year ahead!      :)

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