Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pineapple tarts!

Weehee! It's the time of the year again, where distant relatives are re-united, everyone goes shopping for new clothing(or maybe not :B), cookies are baked, fried, or anything you can think of! *ANG PAO's ngeheheheh*
But here's to a recipe that most people would love during Chinese New Year! *Om nom nom nom*

Well, I'm no professional at baking, some neighbour aunty taught me to bake these. So far no bad comments were received so...yeah! Have fun :)

Pineapple Tart

You'll need:
250g butter (I prefer Buttercup or Anchor - tastes better :) )
50 g of icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 egg yolks (1 used for glazing)
2 tbsp corn flour
350 g all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
Preheat oven 160 degree Celsius.

1. Cream softened butter, icing sugar and salt. Add vanilla essence and mix well.
2. Add in egg yolk one at a time and mix well.
3. Add corn flour, mix. Then add in all purpose flour. Mix until the dough does not stick to the spoon that you mix with. (I usually mix the flour using a spoon, as in manually, not with those machines. I do use machines to mix the butter and stuff though :) )

Ta-da~ There you have it, a very nice dough for the pineapple tart.

And now for the pineapple jam..well I usually buy the pineapple jam from those baking shops. Or if you like,  you can cook them yourselves as you might find those pre-packed ones are a li~ttle too sweet for your liking.

Next, we wrap the dough around the jam. The jam I usually scoop into small small balls (or according to your preference), then wrap the jam with the dough.
And oh, while wrapping the jam with the dough, I normally wrap it with just sufficient dough to cover up the jam as some would complain that there's too little jam in the tart (oh well).
Then, I use one of those sticks (I don't know how to say it, it's like a rolling pin, but it's made of plastic and has rings all over it, for shaping) to give them the lines as you can see from the picture.
Now we glaze the tart with egg yolk using those miniature brush. *So cute, haha*
BAKE! For 15 minutes or so, or until you see the egg yolk turning golden brown.

So...yeah. I'm a beginner at baking, hope you find this recipe simple enough to follow!
Happy Chinese New Year to you who are reading this! :) 

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