Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Christian Fellowship.

This was the most exciting thing I anticipated as I first stepped into UTAR. Or tertiary studies. CF never existed back in my secondary school. Though the seed was almost planted, yet time was not on our side.

I still remember signing up for CF, running like a small kid to the booth saying ''I'd like to sign up for CF.'' And that was the first time I saw Tammie :D And 2 more person, which if I'm not mistaken it's Susanna and Roxanne.
Then the first CF meeting.
And it went on and on and on..

Around 40 youths.
All of different backgrounds.
Of all different ages.
Different parts of Malaysia.
Gathered together in a hall, all with one common thing.
We are all UNITED in HIS family. A family of Brothers and Sisters In Christ. 
Meeting faithfully every week, praising Him for His goodness. 

And yes, be prepared to be surrounded by friendly people, as we have HIM as out common factor. HE is the main factor, the main character of this AWESOME society.

And here comes the interesting part.
Angels and Mortals.
Which I words could describe.
A person, becoming your Guardian Angel, giving you small gifts or short notes of encouragement.
And a Mortal, for you to handle.
From this program, you'll NEVER feel left out. It's like..really. You're NOT forgotten. Someone does care for you. Taking all the problem to prepare a gift, a surprise for you.

One thing about CF, they plan up surprises very, VERY well. Be it whoever's BIRTHDAY it is. Looks like they never run out of ideas on how to surprise you.
There's always person you could count on. Be it your seniors or your course mates.
We do have Bible studies. What hit me the most was about being the SALT and LIGHT to the world.

''Who is in the wrong, when..let's JUST SAY, UTAR goes haywire? Or a company goes haywire?''

You. Christians. YOU. As salts and light, how have you been preserving this..saltiness and the light to your surrounding?
Be the change.

As time goes by, you get to know more and more people. Relationships, friendships are strengthened.
As UTAR PJ is more for foundation students, this means most of the students will either leave and go to:

1. UTAR Kampar.
2. UTAR Setapak.
3. UTAR Sungai Long.

Separations means CF will have to break up too. As for today (14th December 2011), we had our last meeting for this semester. It was really fun, thinking back about this program.Angels and Mortals were revealed. Small (yet awh-shome!) Christmas party, prayers for those who will be leaving us, gifts exchange, LOTS of laughter, tears.

...No one likes separations. not about Santa Claus, snow, Rudolph or Christmas trees. It's about the birth of Christ into this world. Or slightly off topic, about the warmth of everyone, the company of people, the joy of giving and sharing. Bless and be blessed.

Haha sorry lar if this post wasn't really about CF, but it's like..just a piece of my mind lah. :)
But really, being in a CF, you'll never, NEVER feel lonely. There's just always that someone bothering you, (in a good way okayyyy) taking the trouble to pop in front of you and say HI.

CF is extended family of mine. Not only mine, but I'm sure it's an extended family of yours too :)

Thank you UTAR PJ CF for touching these lives of ours. For this awesome group of people, and also all the HIGHEST GLORY AND PRAISE TO THE BIG DADDY UP THERE for everything. Without you, nothing will be made possible. 

May we all never lose contact of each other as we go separate ways. 

All this I pray and thank you in Jesus' name,


  1. oh my gosh. This post made me want to smile and cry at the same time.

    You caught the passion, now spread it :)
    Doesn't matter where you are, who you're with, be the salt and light you're called to be!

    I don't like separation as well, but there's always a need to separate, to spread out so that His Kingdom may grow even more.

    Just know that one day, we'll all reunite again. And we'll never need to separate again :')

  2. I really like how you colour certain words in their colours like "christmas" in green and red and "tears" in blue.

    shows just how much effort u put into details. :)

    and we're all gonna miss you too! huggeh huggeh!! dun worry we won't be separated much! COS WE BOTH LIVE IN THE OCEAAAANNN. i can visit your fish kingdom anytime!!! :D

    Forget-us-not <3

  3. awww... continue to shine for Him! :) We'll miss u, remember to visit us sometimes, haha xD All the best in ur future undertakings and keep in touch ya.. take care and God bless :)