Friday, July 2, 2010

Caning IS unnecessary in school.

Oh please don't get discouraged to read cause it has no colour... :S
Just read and feel what I feel.

Why this title?
I got caned this week...for what?
For bloody TALKING.
I was just confirming with my friend whether to march up the stage to take the cert..(some school camp thing)
Then out of a sudden my eye caught the discipline master staring at me. He pointed at me, indicating me to go to him. Then he said, ''I have observed you for quite a while and have seen you talking away. Is this a place to talk?!''
What can I do? He then took down my particulars and asked me to see him after the assembly. And I just asked my friend 2 sentence of short questions.
Yadda yadda yadda, in his room after assembly.
Chicken God : What did this boy do?
Potato Head  : Haaa...this boy ar, has been talking away behind when the assembly was on. *stares at me* Is that a place to talk?
Me : No sir. (prefects of all forms are my friends advised me to just nod and say ''Sorry Sir'' )
Potato head   : And you, you are a prefect, and you are talking while assembly. YOU EMBARRASS ME. (Prefect was my friend)
Prefect           : Sorry Sir.
Potato head   : Sir (what he called Chicken God), just give them the light one lah.

So..Chicken God took the rotan and walked to another table in the room.
Chicken God : Ee Kenn, grab the end of the table.

FFFFPPPPPAK! Got one rotan. But I think he was gentle on me cause he knows me. Same goes for the prefect.

SO.....I think I wouldn't mind so much if they just charged me one ringgit. But HEY! Caning a student will make things worse.

1. Students will tend to retaliate and show who's the ''BOSS''.
2. No matter serious case or petty petty cases, you still get caning.
3. Caning is an act of disciplinary, should have a limit. For example, if serious cases, caning is necessary. But for MY case, I think that nagging for a while should be enough already.
4. Caning creates a sense of fear for some of the students - in a negative way.
5. You think more yourself and leave a comment if you wish to.

You see? I was caned for TALKING. Was that a serious case?


*Names have been changed to protect identity.

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