Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bye Hols, Hello School a.k.a. Hell

 to the holidays..

 hello to school..

Well, yes..the truth sucks..
School is starting on the 21st of June..2010.
After the two weeks of the so called ''rest''...
''Rest'' that was filled with..
School camp and Church camp,
Untouched homework,
Slightly done Add Math project,
Tuition, and...
Extra classes in school..
Time to get serious already! It's the second semester of school, and my major exam (T.T) is just about..
5 months away..
9 topic to revise, 2 years of studies,
A lot of topics left un-understood-ded (this word exists in my dictionary..hehe :P )..
Not a good sign to face major exam.
Too late to start from scratch..
I can't just pray to God and ask that he grant me wisdom without me putting in any effort..true? :S

FIFA World Cup!!
Nope, you know football is not my cuppa tea, right?
Hehehehe :P
Who knows why, When I was in Form 1, I had this spark of interest about Argentina..
Then people would start asking, who do you support..
Then, GO GO ARGENTINA just happened..hehehe :P
Tsamina mina zangalewa, it's time for AFRICA! =D

Oh ya, one of my good friend has been admitted to the ward..I do not know of her condition now, but then sounds serious though..
But then, it has all been planed by God, and everything happens for a reason, true? :)
(name protected :P) lah..that's about it for this update..
More and more coming next on the next update? Hehehehe :D
Ciao! =)

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