Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Days to the Holidays

Hellow people!
It's been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since I've updated my blog..
I don't know what to update... ><

But now I do.. :D
First of all, Church Camp has just ended (P.D, 28-30th May 2010)
Got slightly tanned on the legs..
Love the beach..
Didn't know that the sound of the sea water lapping to the beach was so relaxing.. =)
Looking at everyone having fun...
Sketching on the wet sand.. (Oh the best part is, some ang moh lady praised my doodling..hahahaha :D )
Of marines, corals, and.....seaweed?

Story number 2.
Now after church camp, we Malaysian students still have a week of school before mid-term break.
Then will be going to a school camp..
Teacher says it's at Ulu Bernam..? :S
I'm not that sure lar..but for sure, another 3 days of fun, fun and fun! :D

You know what? Going to the Bio class is sooooo so so so so so....not that fun..
Sitting in the class for 10 minutes feels so long.....
But time really flies when you're wasting time laughing your butts off with your classmates.. X)
We even made new languages..
Instead of the current 'F' language..
We now have the 'Kap' language and the 'Terbalik' language..
Inspired from 'Sawadee*kap*' ! Hahahaha!
For example.. Hikap! Howkap dokap youkap dokap?
But then it's seriously funny when you speak with your classmates and they don't understand a thing at all..
But then when you combine the two languages together, it's a HELL if a time! LOL!
For example. Pauline Law Weng Weng becomes Gnewkap Gnewkap Wallkap Enilkapuapkap!
Then you just add in the Thai slang..
Buahahahahahaha XD

Hmm..looks like it's just another short update from meee..

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