Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 More Months

Hmm..time seems to be going so fast..feels as if only that day I entered Standard 1..
And now in 5 months time, I'll be leaving school life..*nostalgic*
But before I leave, I'll be sitting for my LAST MAJOR EXAM.


The dream of every student, to finally sit for that exam, and begin with a totally new life out there.

Okay okay, next topic.
Ever wondered how seriously MAGNIFICENT our God is?
Look at what we're school or college or uni or even higher.
If it wasn't for God who had the wisdom of all of those, would we even know about them?
Every language, every calculation, every scientific research, every creature, God has to think about them.
And yet we as humans complain so so much even just learning about them.
Isn't God just amazing? =)

Look, we are just like sand on the beaches, and yet he knows each and everyone of us by name.
We ourselves even have trouble remembering our own classmate's name. LOL.

Okay, next topic again.
Do you ever get that feeling..?
Where you don't even know that person, but you must at least look at him/her once a day, then you'll feel happy?
Come on, tak-kan lah I'm the only one that feels that way..? :S
I wanted to look for a picture that smiles..but look what I found.

Urrrgh. Exams tomorrow. For one week.
Got a new suckish time table. BLEARGH.
But you know what? All of this will end soon..
And I think I'll miss them a lot..
And the ones I've known from school...
Since Standard 1 till Form 5..
Never will I forget all of you.. X)

Kay..time to sign off..!
Ciao! =)

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