Friday, January 15, 2010

Hectic January..

Fuhh..what a hectic week indeed..

First, we had the AGM for all the organisations in the school..

Then majlis perlantikan ketua and penolong ketua..




But then it seems like nothing when it's all typed out..
Tuition takes up most of the time lah..
Monday got tuition..
Friday got tuition..
Saturday got tuition..
Sunday also got tuition..

Then the following week got exam already..
Combined class of 39 students are slightly difficult to control..

Oh..and I had a weird dream again..
This time I was in school, getting my SPM results..
I remember a little bit though..
1(A1), 2(A2), A,B,C,D, and the rest I can't remember..
It was super/extremely weird lah..
Then I need more time management..
Haven't even start studying for my exam.. ><

SOOOOOOOOOOOO can't wait for senior year to end..
But then after that..
school life would be over for me..
Unless if I join Form 6 lah..( NOOO...)

That's about it..

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