Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Week of January.. ><

Welcome, welcome if you saw my link on Facebook and came here.. :)
So, happy 2010..or not so happy for those born on the 1993's and 1995..haha..

So, according to my title, this post will be all about my first week of Form 5 in my crappy school.. ><

1. Homework on the first day of school.
Well, maybe this happened to some of you guys too..It was not really was some Form 4 science reports that needs correction..and one of the corrections were..

I gave the answer ''Hypothesis was invalid.'' and she gave me a wrong. SHE WANTED THE WORD REJECTED. WHAT..!?! Tell me, what is the bloody difference between rejected and invalid..?! Stupid teacher.. ><

2. Pure Science + Sub Science.
OKAY. THIS IS PLAIN CRAZY. HOW CAN THE GOVERNMENT HAVE THIS IDEA OF MINIMIZING THE AMOUNT OF CLASSES WHEN THEY KEEP ADDING THE NUMBER OF THE NOT-SO-SMART-CLASSES..? So they decided to minimize the number of the Form 5 classes..therefore my class was one of the victims.. ><

3. No Fans before 10 A.M.
This is, what I think, is the craziest rule of all..Think. What if on that particular day, the sun is shining like nobody's business, and there was no rain for days? We'd all be burning in the class man..And since then, every class in the school will on the fans sharp 10 AM like nobody's business.. ><

Well actually, that is actually the short form for my school's name,
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Desa Petaling.. But now, we students have a new name for it..
Sekolah Menengah Kutip Duit Pelajar.. seriously.
Let me list down all the money that the school is able to get from the teachers/students.
Caught if the fan is on before 10 AM : RM 5
Wants the fan before 10 AM : RM 10 per month
Teacher answers a phone call : RM 30
No collar badge : RM 1
Long hair : Teacher cut and pay RM 1
Long nails :RM 1
And quite a lot more that I can't remember.. >< it's about me..hehehe :P
The life of Form 5 will be hectic man.. ><
Monday after school, Add Math Form 5 tuition..
Tuesday stay back in school for Co-curriculum activities..
Wednesday same with Tuesday..
Thursday is the only day I'm free.. wheee? ><
Friday is my Form 4 Add Math class..
Saturday is my Chem and Bio tuition class..
Sunday is my Physics tuition class..

URRRGH!! The life of Form 5..
But never mind..
After this year..
No more tuition classes..
No more waking up at 6.30 in the morning..
No more homework.. (I guess..? >< )
AND..NO MORE SCHOOL!! ( yay..? >< )

Well..that's an update on what's happening to me now..
More coming up on the next post..!
Ciao! =)

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