Sunday, January 31, 2010


January has come to an end.. (31-1-2010) Good bye January..
Lemme give you a summary from what I learned from school..


This is because we studied a little bit for Math, Add Math, Sejarah and Moral. Then terus..EXAM.
But hey..Diagnostik SPM..done for me..
You want tips? Hahahahahahaha :P
And now I'm finally free to blog..

Oh first things first..

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to LETISHA PRIYANKA aka Papaya,
*Please cry at the end? Haha :P

Ahh..finally I get some good sleep tomorrow..
Cause it's Hari Wilayah..
Good for da KL-ites..
Not-so-good for the PJ-ians..
But Hari Selangor will come too.. haha :D

Oh ya..
There's this girl in my church..
Who uses the same phone as I do..
Pink colour summore.. ><
Then for the first time she saw me using that phone..
The look I saw from her face..
From what I saw.. '' he using the same phone as I do?? ''
She just look stunned or shocked or whatever you can think of lah..

Oh ya (again..) ..
6th of Feb - Michelle Tan's b'day
7th Feb - Denise punya birthday..
All the February babies aha :D
For the Monthly babies I will keep updating the certain posts la if I missed out your name! :P

Kk..time for me to go..

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