Saturday, August 6, 2011

A big fat THANK YOU :)

*Credits goes to the owner of the picture. I do not own the picture :)

First of all, A BIG FAT THANK YOU to my :
1. CF, for planning the surprise at McD. For the Raspberry, Blackforest and Peach cake. For the lame games by Tammeh, Choulyew, and Roxanne :) And also to those that came :))

Ling ling ling ling (I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot when I was walking back home, too lame LOL)
This is number 3, and ummmm, it's there. haha

2. Ex 5 Science members. I will NEVER forget what we went through during school days. :')

3. Tutorial group mates. After more and more wishes, they started singing the song *face palm* hehehh :)

4. And you, and you aaaand you :))

Once again, the 6th of August has arrived. Repeating itself. Another year passed by. People came, people went away. Struggling all the way.

Another year of remembrance and prayer to those who were bombed in Hiroshima.

*or else Malaysia wouldn't gain freedom -,-

So, another year older, another year wiser(?), and another passed safely with no major injuries. 
Praise the LORD for he has allowed me to continue on this journey here on this planet. Who knows what has He got in stores for me next.

*Credits goes to the owner of the picture. I do not own the picture :)

Wheeee just another short update. 
Ohhhhh please bear with me about the Bus no.11 okay? :))

Babai. Till next post we shall meet then.


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  1. LOL you are now old. :)