Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14 2010

Okay okay..
I've not been updating frequently recently..
But hey, it's better once in a while than never, true? :D

Joke of the day.
''There was a man in coma. One month, he did not wake up. Second month, he didn't wake up. Third month, he woke up, and he saw his wife, right beside him. He called out to her, saying,
''You were always with me in my life. For instance, when I was in an accident, you were beside me. When I was shot at the side, you were beside me. When our house was on mortgage, you were beside me. And now when I wake up, you're beside me. The wife smiled at him, saying ''Yes, my dear.''
The husband replied,
''You must be bringing me bad luck.''

Ahahahaha! Jokes all from Mr. Kiru, my mad Add Maths teacher =D

Well, I forgot that yesterday was May 13th, a day that has left a very big impact in Malaysia. Did you know?

Haha. Cute image. Well, that was not really what happened during that time..
From what I heard from my mother..
The Malays and the Chinese had a very big fight..many were killed..
And this thing happened in PJ... =O

Haha. Nothing else to update. If I talk about myself, it'll take a long time to type. XP

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