Monday, December 21, 2009

Smelling Good

No it's not me.. :P

It's coming from my kitchen.. 'm making soup.. :D

And caroling is today and tomorrow (err..yay? :S ) 22-23rd of Dec 2009..

The gang is going out for the part 2 Christmas shopping..
But this time I am not able to join them..
If I would to join them,
I'm broke..
Out of cash... :(
That means Christmas Outing Part 2 will not be published.. :S

9 more days to 2010..
9 more days to Zhi-Wei's birthday..
7 more days to Matthew's birthday..
13 more days to go back to school !!!!
Oh no... :'(

The whole holiday just went by like a few days..
Oh and this week,
Will be going to church almost everyday hehehe :D

Another short update..

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