Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quickie! ...okay maybe not so.

*Blow off dust*
*cough cough*

Hello again. *does an awkward wave*

I don't remember the last time I blogged.
Indeed it has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. too long.

Who still blogs? I do.
Well every once in a blue moon, that is. Heh.

Let's see, where shall I begin?

1. Graduated!
YEAAAAAAHHHHHAAAHAHAHAAAYYYYY yeay yeah, yeah. Graduated from college in December. Now my introduction would be..

"Hi, good morning. My name is Kenn, your PHYSIOTHERAPIST for today."


But then, 6 months later. Here I am, about to start my degree in 2 weeks time. lol.
I'm a student...again.

2. Temporary.
Well since my last post in September, *I'm sorry. LOL. But oh well, it's not like anyone reads my blog, so it's somehow safe here? Heh.* indeed it has been temporary.

Temporary what, you may ask?



So there's this tweet that I saw the other day,

"From the age 19 - 22, you will meet a lot of temporary people."

And I sat down and thought to myself, indeed.
A lot of temporary people.
People came..
and left.

But oh well, there's this verse that I like to sing:
*proceeds to listen to that song*

Haha over the past few months, or rather for the past year, I've developed and lived according to this saying:

"Do I look like I care?"

"Never put too much expectation in someone."

"Pictures can be deceiving."

All these lessons..are through experiences.
Bad experiences.
And no one to pick you up.
Sometimes all you have is yourself.
And Him, of course. He NEVER left.
And through each painful day, time did its magic.
I was okay again. 

And today I can proudly look at you with a smile and say,

"Let bygones be bygones. Do not chase after what is gone. If it was meant to be, it will be."

But I must say, even now, I can pretty much relate to Queen Elsa.

"Stay away, I do not wish to hurt you. It is only for your own good."

"Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and..free."

Like a rose, as pretty it may seem, there are thorns which are bound to prick and.. hurt.

Okay, enough liao. Moving on.

3. Part time!
YES, like..yes. I've got a part time on weekends!
Which I like pretty much. Heh.
It might be tiring at times, but looking at them so happy, it makes me happy as well.

"Bye bye teacher."
"Teacher. look."
*Kid holds onto your finger*
*Kid gives you a mischievous look and breaks into a big smile*
*Kid runs towards you to give you a hug hug.*

I just kennot. You get me? I. Just. Kennot.
All these small, small gestures. 
May God bless all you tiny hoomans and grow up to be big, and good people okay? :')

What's next?

Well like I mentioned earlier, degree is starting in 2 weeks time.
Somehow I am getting mixed emotions.
New faces.
New friends.
New people.
New group.

I have not been a nice person.
Crushed souls, soul being crushed.
Blah blah blah.

Until next time.


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