Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Level up!

Ja jaaang, yours truly.

               This is Randy, or Meng Meng (that's what I call him. Heh)                    And this is the ever pretty Desiree.

Okay, this is the first time i'm uploading my own photos on my blog.

Yaay (?) I'm 20.

But seriously, thanks Meng and Riri for the surprise, cake and present.
And also the lame excuses and acting. HAHAHA.

Why I love them?
This group of people, they never fail to come up with all sorts of wacky ideas for birthday surprises.
Oh before that, this group of people consists of..
Le Zheng
Sin Hui
Xiang Lin
And a few more which am not sure whether to mention their names or not. Oh well.

This group of friends,
I came to know them when I was in UTAR.
We all started together.
But wow, 2 years down the line and most of us are..separated.
Some came, some went..
And the list changes...

I won't say I expected more, but yeah this small gathering of the three of us is more than enough.
Totally understand those who can't make it.
Cause we are all....


IT'S OKAY, we can still keep in touch via social networks. Heee.

But deep down inside I am..disappointed.
Over someone else.
I waited...for you.
Where were you?
Your wish would be sufficient.
I wish I could learn to not put so much hope in you.
Indeed disappointed. 
That's why, never put so much hope in someone that you have just got to know.
Lesson learnt.

Actually I don't know what to write.
I just felt like writing's something to be celebrated?

So, I've survived another year.
Another year has passed by so quickly.
Let's pray for the remainder of the year, 
and may things go well. 

Alright? :)

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