Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Part II: Chapter 2 - Amen.

Tomorrow's the day.

Have you ever seen how a caterpillar slowly spins silk around itself and becomes a cocoon?

And then they undergo metamorphosis and become beautiful butterflies.

Then they morph into eagles and at the final stage they finally become dragons?


Okay the last part is bullsh*t, I'm just merely telling how your nervousness slowly builds as a date for something important approaches.

"Father Lord,

As we all know, all good comes from You, and the bad happens for a reason.

You take away the fear,

For everything is under Your control.

So many decisions to make, so many uncertainties ahead.

You take lead, Father Lord.

And be my guide - not only for me, but for all your beloved sons and daughters.

Unto You I commit this heavy load."

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