Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boom boom

Blog's been pretty dead, heh.

Not that I don't have time to update, it's just that it never crossed my mind to update it. Heh.

Chor 8 today - chor 9 tomorrow - Kau Wong Yeh.

Haiz, fireworks gonna go boom boom boom. No, more of like BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Economy.....ok la this year. HAHAHA.

Thought lately: Why care so much when others don't care? 

Been thinking too much lately.

Sem 3 [Y2, S1] huh, scary much.

Meh, by the end of 2014, I'll be gone from this place.

Sounds far? Not really.

The future seems pretty scary at times, as if time is moving too fast.

Everything seems to be like, *blink blink* another year gone.

Oh, I NEED my book vouchers. So much to buy:
1. Ortho book.
2. Pocketbook.
3. Therapeutic exs book.
4. Tendon hammer.
5. Stethoscope. *A bit too early, perhaps?*

And yey those books ain't cheap eh.

Pretty random update, till next time we shall meet again.

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