Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello April.

It is April already.
A quarter of the year gone.

Spring! Or's forever the same here in Malaysia - sun and rain throughout the year. Ngeh.

     Oh, Happy Easter to those who are reading this. (Very late wish but then better late then never :B). Easter is about..

Well you might say 'What's so fascinating about an empty tomb?'
Oh now I'm telling you that THIS empty tomb is what that shows that HE LIVES. Father Lord sent His one and only Son to die on the cross for us, and was buried in a tomb. The third day he rose from the dead, proving to us that HE is the Son of God, the long awaited Messiah

And the best part is...............

I missed Easter service for the first time of my live.

Why? Because I followed a bunch of MAD people (whom I love to the max) ALL the way to Kuala Pilah for a surprise birthday party. 
You know who you are MAD people. Yeah my frans from UTAR
-Sin Hui (The world's prettiest birthday girl)
-Desiree (My prettiest daughter)
-Xiang Lin (My....wife? O__O)
-An Qi (Errr pretty pretty XD)
-Le Zheng (My eldest son)
-Ah Meng (My beloved second son)
-Ah Mok (Errr sapa lu LOL :B)
And me, the father. And I will always wonder why am I the father since I am the youngest among you guys -__-'''

[Yes if you are from UTAR PJ Campus, May intake 2011, keep in mind that I will always love you guys no matter what. Please do not forget me :') ]

"Crazy people all the way from PJ take train to KL take bus to Seremban take bus to Kuala Pilah = 3 hours journey." 

But the 3 hours journey seems to pass by so quickly when we're all laughing
All those tiredness are forgotten when you cried tears of surprise and tears of joy.

And yes we were all touched too.

Please don't throw those 408 hearts away. We folded them all the way from PJ to KL to Seremban to Kuala Pilah (And even standing in the bus without light). Ngeheh :B

Pop quiz! Do you know what is famous at Kuala Pilah..?
*Bzzzztt* Tak tahu?
Fran's mother even scolded us for not eating terrapins LOL.

But then at the end of the day, this question popped up in my mind: 
Is God more important or your friends more important?


Hehehh that's all for this update!
All the best waiting for the next post ;)

*Credits to all owners of the pictures. I own none of the pictures :)

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