Monday, January 3, 2011

# number 65 ;)

I don't know? Just probably another random update. :)
Today is Monday. It's 5.35 PM.
Ohh, officially today school re-opens. And sadly, not for me.
1993 babies are out of school!! (Well, a large portion of them lar..)
Now, I've to wait for my licence to come..Ouuuuuuu yeahh :P
Then I'll go and work.
Then NS.
Then BRACES. Goodness because of NS I've to wait, or else you'll see me going everywhere with this weird metal thingy on my teeth. Haha :P
Dentist said not to put them on first because have to go and do monthly check-ups. And thanks NS. THANKS A LOT. ;)
All the best to my close JUNIORS (Kwan Chi & Pooi Yee)
And oh, congratz about your ''excellent'' class teacher. Haha :P

Youth Quake.
Of Peace Haven, LOTSA MAD PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER MALAYSIA and most importantly, 

God above everything.

Current songs : To You - Hillsong United, Here In My Life - Hillsong United

Random update, 
Kenn signing off   :)

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